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• DNA-based microbiome analysis
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The most comprehensive intestinal flora analysis is the first self-test for analyzing your intestinal flora, which determines your intestinal bacteria based on their DNA. Unlike previous stool examinations by your family doctor, detects almost all of the bacteria in your intestine that have already been researched.
With the intestinal flora analysis from BIOMES, you will find out the individual strengths and weaknesses of your intestinal flora and receive scientifically based nutritional recommendations.

High tech for your gut

Your sample will be analyzed in our own highly automated laboratory. The DNA of your intestinal bacteria is extracted from your stool sample using state-of-the-art, biotechnological high-throughput sequencing and converted from biological to digital DNA. BIOMES only considers the DNA of your bacteria, not your own.

This is how the intestinal flora test works


You will receive the test kit

Your test kit contains everything you need for easy sampling at home. A tiny amount is enough.


We analyze your sample

The DNA of your intestinal bacteria is analyzed using the NGS method.


You explore online

Explore the evaluation of your intestinal flora test with detailed information and recommendations online in a protected area.

What our customers say

The findings from the test can be life-changing - for me, it was a milestone for my diet, which I changed with pinpoint accuracy. I finally feel really good and don't just eat "little" to stay slim.

Julia K.

37 from Heringsdorf

I had completely underestimated how important the intestine is for my health. I learned where the origin of my overweight was. That was an absolute turning point for me.

Moritz B.

33 from Darmstadt

It helped me a lot through the microbiome analysis to realize what I was doing wrong for so long. Through the explanation of my weak points and the recommendations, I have changed my eating habits.

Victoria L.

41 from München

Thanks to you I have my life back again! And have also immediately reordered the probiotics, because I no longer want to be without.

Paul O.

44 from Stuttgart

Thanks to Intest.Pro by Biomes, I found and understood the weak points of my irritable bowel after years of complaints. With the recommendations I was able to make my intestines healthier and now feel really fit again.

Annabell F.

29 from Kolitzheim

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