Make your gut the best sleep aid!

A healthy gut and certain gut bacteria can affect your sleep and help determine whether you sleep well or badly. Because your gut can have more impact on your health and sleep quality than you think.

Use INTEST.per and find out:
• Which bacteria can affect your sleep
• Whether your intestinal flora is in balance
• Which gut type you are

Test your sleep quality with

The messenger substances serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) ensure a natural sleep rhythm in the body. Some intestinal bacteria form these substances and can even be beneficial for your state of mind with their relaxing effect.

A precise analysis of your intestinal bacteria helps to find out whether your gut is in balance or how you can strengthen "sleep-promoting" bacteria.

With, the first self-test for your gut flora, you will find out which bacteria are present in your gut and which you may be missing for a restful sleep. Thanks to our suitable nutrition recommendations, you will receive tips on how to strengthen and build up beneficial bacteria for a good night's sleep.

Your gut bacteria can help you start the day well rested

The most comprehensive intestinal flora analysis is the first self-test to analyze your gut flora by detecting your gut bacteria based on their DNA. Unlike previous stool examinations by your general practitioner finds nearly every bacterium in your gut that is known to science.

With the gut flora analysis of BIOMES you will find out the individual strengths and weaknesses of your gut flora and receive scientifically based nutritional recommendations.

This is how the gut flora test works


You receive the test kit

Your test kit contains everything you need for easy sampling at home. A tiny amount is enough.


We analyze your sample

The DNA of your intestinal bacteria is analyzed using the NGS method.


You explore online

Explore your gut flora test report with detailed information and recommendations online in a protected area.

Dietary supplements



• Without prior analysis

• You can take these products containing bacterial cultures, vitamins and minerals pursuing a specific goal, e.g. if you want to strengthen your immune system.

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Individual weaknesses

• Analytics-based (with
• The report will give you an individual recommendation for the right supplement from our BIOM.unique product range. Because your bacteria are as unique as you are.

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