Hello wellbeing.
Bye, digestive problems.

Of the INTEST.pro of BIOMES can help you to balance your intestinal flora. With INTEST.pro you will learn how you can colonize helpful intestinal bacteria in your intestines to improve your digestion and alleviate digestive problems in the long term.

Stomach pain after eating?

Stomach pain and cramps after eating are common - and a big burden that many people have to struggle with.

We can help you alleviate your suffering and stress. With our detailed intestinal flora analysis, we provide you with answers to the possible causes of your problem.

Our gut flora test INTEST.pro is based on the latest scientific findings and is significantly more comprehensive those used by many general practitioners.

services of INTEST.pro:

• Individual DNA analysis of your intestinal bacteria

• Determination of your intestinal type

• On request: Personalized nutritional advice

Analyzing intestinal flora and alleviating symptoms

The most comprehensive intestinal flora analysis

INTEST.pro is the first self-test to analyze your gut flora by detecting your gut bacteria based on their DNA. Unlike previous stool examinations by your general practitioner INTEST.pro finds nearly every bacterium in your gut that is known to science.

With the gut flora analysis of BIOMES you will find out the individual strengths and weaknesses of your gut flora and receive scientifically based nutritional recommendations.

This is how the gut flora test works


You receive the test kit

Your test kit contains everything you need for easy sampling at home. A tiny amount is enough.


We analyze your sample

The DNA of your intestinal bacteria is analyzed using the NGS method.


You explore online

Explore your gut flora test report with detailed information and recommendations online in a protected area.

Dietary supplements



• Without prior analysis

• You can take these products containing bacterial cultures, vitamins and minerals pursuing a specific goal, e.g. if you want to strengthen your immune system.

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Individual weaknesses

• Analytics-based (with INTEST.pro)
• The report will give you an individual recommendation for the right supplement from our BIOM.unique product range. Because your bacteria are as unique as you are.

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