Gut flora test

Gut test is the first complete gut flora test for home use with individual nutritional recommendations based on the analysis of bacterial DNA. Recognize your weaknesses and, thanks to the latest scientific findings, find out what your gut really needs. (from 15 years)

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Self-test for home use - simple, practical, thorough

Do the gut test and receive your personal gut flora profile with individual dietary and action recommendations. Because the good news is: You can influence the composition of your intestinal bacteria.

This is how the gut flora test works


You receive the test kit

Your test kit contains everything you need for easy sampling at home. A tiny amount is enough.


We analyze your sample

The DNA of your intestinal bacteria is analyzed using the NGS method.


You explore online

Explore your gut flora test report with detailed information and recommendations online in a protected area.

Finally get information about your

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    Immune system

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    State of sleep and mood

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    Gut flora balance

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    Inflammation indicators

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    Constipation indicators

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    Calorie utilization

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    Integrity of the intestinal mucosa

Comprehensive report

The report provides information about:

• Your digestion

• integrity of your intestinal mucosa

• Inflammation & Constipation Indicators

• Immune system & vitamin synthesis

• Tendency to acquired lactose & fructose intolerance

• Calorie utilization and weight control

• Diversity of your intestinal bacteria & proportion of harmful bacteria

• Bacteria that affect sleep quality and cardiovascular health

• Bacteria that affect energy metabolism and hyperacidity

Why should I take the test?

The analysis is suitable if you:

• have digestive problems

• Suspect that your immune system is weak
• Want to improve your fitness
• Need nutrition tips that are tailored to your gut
• Want to learn to better understand your body
• Do not sleep well and often feel unwell
• Are 15 years or older

The complex laboratory processes take about 2 to 4 weeks (after sample receipt). Your results are available online in a secured, data-protected area that BIOMES provides. If you have any questions, the BIOMES Customer service is at your disposal via email or phone.